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360 VR
Web Video
Corporate Presentations

Have a good presentation and your customers will notice.

Our clients are always looking for ways to communicate their message effectively.

Need something better than a PowerPoint presentation?

Right Message . . . Right way . . . Everytime.

AVRA's Better Communication™ technology can combine:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Stills
  • Text transcripts
  • E-mail and Weblinks
  • 360˚ virtual reality
  • 80+ media types

CD-ROM type interactive presentations for use on the Web or CD-ROM.

Other advantages:

  • Multi-lingual
  • Full screen or any shape you like
  • A presentation with CD-Rom interactivity
  • Run via CD-Rom, the Web or both
  • One single file can run on a PC or Mac
  • In or out of a Web browser
  • Extremely small file sizes is cutting edge

AVRA creating many world first opportunities.

Better Communication™ can also be streamed live or archived over the Web.