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Streaming Webcast Video

Live or Archived - don't let your viewers wait to dowload a video.

Do you have large videos that you want to put on the web but are too big?

In a nutshell.

What is Streaming / Webcasting?

Watching video immediately AND NOT waiting for it to fully download before viewing.
Example - Via the Web - watching a live concert / event live or from last week (archived) without downloading the entire video before viewing.

What do viewers need to watch this video?

Free technologies - QuickTime, Windows Media or Real Player.

How is it done?

Existing video - ANY length

  1. We take your existing video
  2. You tell us what web connection you want it for 56k or Cable/ADSL
  3. We convert the video for Streaming use
  4. We place the video on our server
  5. You now have videos of any length available for immediate viewing

Live Event on the web - ANY length

  1. Give AVRA notice that you have an event
  2. Tell AVRA how many live video angles
  3. Ask AVRA about our live interactive video angles
  4. AVRA videos the event
  5. Tell AVRA if you want to store the event for archive viewing
  6. If archive requested - then placed on AVRA server for immediate viewing
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