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Convert Existing Training

Need it fast - AVRA can convert your existing training materials.

Ask AVRA about our FAST conversion solutions starting at only $65.
We do it for you - templates that turn into full blown web training solutions.

Use existing Materials:

Your new training application can be delivered via:

  • Powerpoint slides
  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Flash
  • PC & Mac OS X
  • Web via 56K, Cable / ADSL
  • Intranet
  • CD-Rom
  • DVD

AVRA's own Better Communication™ Presentation technology

Synch simultaneously Video + Audio + PowerPoint + Transcript
A 24/7 presentation - JUST LIKE BEING THERE

Communicate 24/7 - ANY audience

Other advantages. Finally, a Hearing Impaired + Multi-lingual solution.
- present in multiple languages like the ATO, Ansell (globally in 15 languages) + more.

Simultanously synchronize video, audio with PowerPoint slides, stills and even 360˚ Virtual Reality to create CD-Rom type interactive training modules for use on the Web, Intranet or CD-Rom.

Industry standard. No download wait via the Web - clever use of streaming technologies.

Full screen or any shape you like - users can NOW have amazing interactivity. One single file can run on a PC or Mac OS X, in or out of a Web browser. This use anywhere on any platform technology - with extremely small file sizes is cutting edge. AVRA creates for its clients many world first training opportunities.

Want to know more about AVRA Multi-lingual solutions - please click here.