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AVRA understands that not everyone speaks English fluently.

AVRA can help you reach your staff and customers who don't speak English as
their first language.

Just like AVRA did for the Australian Taxation Office, Ansell (Globally) + more.

AVRA can provide a full turnkey solution to create both your multi-lingual training
and marketing materials. This could also include video subtitles through to full
multi-lingual e-Learning systems.

Everlived Ansell

Important Questions?

  • Are you a multi-national?
  • Do you have staff who don't speak English?
  • Does your accredited English training need to be converted?
  • Do you have customers all over the world?
  • Could you expand your market share with a multi-lingual education solution?
ATO Sigma

How AVRA can help you:

  • Use proven technology AVRA's Better Communication technology
  • Industry Standard
  • Covert your existing English training
  • Change languages on the fly
  • Ensure Head Office techniques are understood all over the world
  • Create training applications in multiple languages
    (including English + other languages)
  • Customize e-learning systems for your different global regions

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