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AVRA can save you time and money by offering a turnkey solution so you only
deal with one organisation rather than many.

AVRA carefully selects its partners to ensure they offer quality, value and meet AVRA's own precise requirements. This includes printers, replicators & 3D.

AVRA product partners have especially been vigourisly tested to ensure they are the elite in their industry and offer major product competitive advantages in functionality and price.

Questionmark - Worlds Leading Testing & Reporting System

AVRA is pleased to partner with Questionmark as a key strategic partner. Questionmark software is a world leader in dedicated testing and reporting systems.
Questionmark software enables users to:

  • author questions
  • deliver
  • automate
  • score
  • tests
  • exams
  • surveys
  • tutorials
  • report


Thousands of corporate HR professionals, trainers and educators in more than
40 countries use Questionmark today.

Questionmark Software can also integrate with many LMS & LCMS systems.

AVRA has utilised this partnership to provide our clients, including Nissan Motor Co.
(Aust) - with an online testing solution that saved $30,000+ within its first year.

For more information about Questionmark - please click here.